Is it groovy? Is it soulful? Is it catchy? It is all, Baby.

German-based duo Jack & Jointz will release its next single, Only one on the 8th of July via Søndae Records.

The duo previously collaborated with Ashley Slater (Freakpower) and Red Star Lion (Dub Pistols). Jack & Jointz also remixed for established artists including Bahama Soul Club, Macka B, Timewarp Inc. amongst others. The diversity of artist-cooperation and also they provided remixes show the big spectrum of musical styles they love from Funk, to Reggae, Dub and House.

We join Jack & Jointz as they continue to push their sound in new directions, allowing the tempting tones of Disco and the relentless Deep House groove to take over in the latest song. "Only One" is filled with passion as were introduced to impulsive electronic beats, relentless saxophone and the awesome vocals of Georges Perin to get us dancing.